Blue water

24 April 2017


With so many miles of coastline, our country boasts not only beaches on its islands but also for them in the rest of Greece. Beautiful scenery, sandy beaches and crystal clear waters make up the picture in many parts of the country and Halkidiki is one of them. Vourvourou is a terrestrial paradise and an ideal destination, a breath away from Thessaloniki.

It is a seaside village of Sithonia with beaches and natural beauties that attract hundreds of visitors each year and have fanciful fans. Vourvourou, Livari, Xifara, Karidi, Bara and Fava are the beaches that fascinate visitors and offer them moments of relaxation. There, on the peninsula of Sithonia, apart from the unique natural landscape, you can enjoy moments of peace.

Blue-green waters, clean sandy beaches, green scenery and old fishing houses make up a picture of unparalleled beauty. The pine-covered areas and the small islands are the ones that give this picturesque picture to Vourvourou and make it a favorite destination for those who stay near and far.

Diaporos, Kalátassia and Prasonisi are some of the islands with crystal clear waters that make you think you are in an exotic place. In the area of ​​Vourvourou you will find the accommodation that suits its own taste and enjoy fresh fish in the picturesque taverns.

All the beaches in Vourvourou have their own characteristic and one of those called the diamond of the area is Karidi. Blue-green waters, white sand and pine trees close to the sandy beach, Karydi is protected from the winds and the beach is calm even when it blows while having warm water. Of course, making it a popular destination is most likely to find a lot of people, especially during the high season so you better choose a day or go early in the morning.

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