Ammouliani is a small island in the Gulf of Mount Athos, opposite Tripiti. It is the only inhabited island in Chalkidiki. It has an area of about 4.5 square kilometers and is located 120 km from Thessaloniki. It used to be a dependency of Vatopedi Monastery and after 1925 became a place of Asian Minor refugee shelter.

Presently attached administratively to the municipality of Aristotle has about five hundred residents, engaged in fishing and tourism. Main church is St. Nicholas, built in 1865. On the island there is a kindergarten and primary school, and a pharmacy, Cosmote and police station.Every year in April the island honours St George.

Some of the beaches are Alikes, St George and Great Ammouda. Another attraction, apart from the old church is the arsenal at the port, which is a typical Athos sample of architecture. The island is connected by ferry from the coast of Tripiti (120 km. From Thessaloniki) and the distance is only 2 nautical miles.

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