Ouranoupoli is a coastal village of Halkidiki and the last secular destination before someone goes to Mount Athos. In 2001 the population numbered 960 inhabitants, who are mostly engaged in tourism and fishing. It is also the homonymous municipal district in the Municipality of Aristotle.

Its distance from Thessaloniki is 132 km from the potition of the municipality 17km.

The cathedral is St. Constantine. Among other work practice, port station, kindergarten, primary school, a police station and is an active cultural association that organizes night events with full moon in August, as well as the “Ouranopolitika” in July. From the harbor you can visit the Holy Mountain or nearby Drenia islands. Within two kilometers is Zigou, one of the first monasteries founded in the 10th century and is accessible by women, as soil is not in the territory of Mount Athos. Shortly before the boundaries of Mount Athos is the Fragokastro, memento of the period of Frankish region.

Ouranoupolis often organizes excursions for Daphne from where the introduction to the castle of St. Terms begins.

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