The region is one of the most popular destinations for summer holidays in Greece. Thousands of visitors each year choose it for their holidays in order to explore the numerous beaches.

Access is available to many beaches although it is not always easy. However with the services of Diaporos Boats we bring you closer the most inaccessible beaches of the Gulf of Mount Athos. Visit Diaporo, Ammouliani and secret beaches of Sithonia.

For aspiring captains we recommend the daily boat rental. Embark on our brand new boats and sail to the beauties of the deep blue waters of Chalkidiki. To rent the boat no license require.

If you do not want to play the role of the captain, you may book in advance. Follow us on fascinating routes that we have planned for you, or give us the route of your choice. The boat has a capacity of 8 people.

We finally offer the service, of Private Taxi Service, which transfer your friends or your family to beaches of your choice, the hours you want.

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